Friday, 15 November 2013

Dawah Materials for Downloads & For Non-muslim, Let Learn about Islam


Mission Dawah aims to establish a “mass movement” in dawah through training and mobilising a network of du’aat or Islamic missionaries. Mission Dawah will either partner with or develop teams of local, trained volunteers whose activities will be coordinated by more advanced local team leaders. This will be achieved by taking them through a series of training programmes, alongside additional support with practical tool-kits on giving dawah, and further support in physical, financial and human resources.

These local teams will be developed nationwide, and will come to form a vast network. All activities will be continuously monitored, with findings informing further improvements to make them more effective and efficient. The local team leaders will receive ongoing da’wah training, after which some will be considered to become full-time duaat.

“And who is better in speech that one who calls to Allah and works righteous deeds and says “Indeed I am of the Muslims?” (Fussilat:33)

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